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          ECIL has played a pioneering role in spurring the growth of Electronics Industry in the country.  Spanning miniature components to mammoth systems and encompassing control, communication & computer technologies, today, ECIL is a multi-product, multi disciplinary and multi technology organization providing cutting-edge technology solutions in the strategic areas of Atomic Energy, Defence, Space and Electronic  Security systems. 
          Multidisciplinary capabilities

          ECIL’s expertise harnesses electronics & communication technologies to meet India’s defence needs on land, sea and air.  Some of the areas in which ECIL has contributed significantly to the Defence Sector are:

          1. Secure and Jam- resistant communications
          2. Electronic Warfare Systems & Simulators
          3. COMINT & Interception Systems
          4. Antenna, Satellite Communication Systems (SATCOM Systems), networks
          5. Stabilized platforms for air-borne Radars
          6. C4I systems & Missile support Systems
          7. Encryption and Secrecy Systems
          8. Electronic Fuzes for Artillery and Navy
          9. Precision Electro-Mechanical components, sensors & Inertial Navigation Systems
          Secure and Jam Resistant Communications

          Over the years, ECIL has been manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of Communication equipment that include state-of-the-art features like frequency hopping and encryption to the three arms of the Defence forces.  They include:

          1. 3060 (thirty sixty) VUHF Radio Communication system with frequency hopping & Encryption for ship to ship, ship to shore and ship to air communications on sail even in dense electro-magnetic field often encountered in battle field.
          2. TR 2400 (twenty four hundred) HF Radio, Voice, Data & email Communication System with Encryption, frequency hopping and Automatic switch control etc. for long range communication needs.
          3. EC2 M7 Digital VUHF radio, the Jam-immune IP enabled VHF and UHF Trans-receivers for a variety of strategic communications including ground to air ATC & network-centric communications.
          4. EC4480 (forty four Eighty) Speech Secrecy Systems for HF/ VHF / UHF Radios for air borne applications.
          Electronic Warfare Systems & Simulators

          India’s electronic warfare capabilities received a strategic boost from ECIL’s Electronic Warfare systems & simulators. Some of these prestigious systems are:

          1. Multi-vehicle mounted Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems for Reconnaissance, Direction finding and jamming of the enemy’s communication system.
          2. A wide range of Jammers for use by the security and para military forces like RCIED Jammers, cell phone Jammers, convoy Jammers etc. as an extension of Electronic Warfare technologies.
          3. Panoramic Akin Electronic Warfare Simulator (PAES) for training naval crew on ECM & ECCM operations.
          4. Class Room Electronic Warfare Simulator (CREWS) for training army personnel on ECM & ECCM Operations.

          These high technology systems developed by ECIL are providing the lethal cutting edge to our defence forces.

          COMINT & Interception Systems

          ECIL’s highly versatile COMINT systems have been integrated to meet the strategic requirements of the country.

          1. Tailor made COMINT systems for spectrum monitoring, direction finding, location fixing, and signal analysis etc. operating from HF to Microwave frequencies.
          2. CDMA Monitoring & Interception Systems
          3. Passive GSM Monitoring Systems
          4. Active GSM Monitoring Systems
          5. Satellite Monitoring Systems
          Antenna, Satcom Systems, Stabilized platforms

          From suitcase terminals to mammoth 300-ton structures, ECIL is India’s preferred supplier of antenna products and SATCOM systems on land, sea and air. Backed by a vibrant R&D program, ECIL has built-up valuable product development and manufacturing capability covering civil, mechanical, control, RF and network domains. Some of the products being offered include:

          1. Single Axis Mono Pulse antenna with remote access control unit for tracking and command uplink for UAVs up to 250 km. range.
          2. Stabilised Antenna platform unit for Multimode Radar of TEJAS- India’s own Light Combat Aircraft.
          3. 0.35 m Ku Band suitcase Antenna System for disaster management.
          4. Ku Band Stabilised Satcom Antenna System for communication between ground station and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle through satellite.
          5. Ku Band ship borne antenna system for Satcom link with ground stations.
          6. Portable sensitive Antenna System operating upto 18 GHz for monitoring & surveillance.
          7. Closed user group VSAT networks upto 60 MBPS in Ku Band and Demand Assigned Multiple Access configuration.
          8. 1.8 meter X-Band trailer mounted Mobile Antenna with shelter & Captive Diesel Generator for tracking low- earth- orbit remote sensing satellites.
          9. Active RADAR seekers.
          C4I & Missile support Systems

          ECIL is a proud partner in country’s missile program, integrating ground support equipment through secure & diverse communication channels. ECIL has developed several C4I and special systems for the defence services.  The systems include:

          1. Missile check out facility & Squadron Control Centre for Akash Missile
          2. C4I System for Mobile Autonomous Launcher and Mobile Command Post of BrahMos Missile Systems.
          3. Underwater Navigation Systems
          4. Civil Radar Display System linking civilian radar information to the Defence forces in real time.
          5. Automatic Dependant Surveillance System, a navigational aid for aircraft flying in oceanic region using Satellite Communication and GPS technologies.
          Encryption and Secrecy Systems:

          From robust algorithms to ruggedized, fully qualified products, ECIL houses comprehensive capability to deliver crypto products and systems to ensure secure communication of voice, video and data.

          1. ABHAY – Add on Voice Encryption Card for Motorola’s two-way radios.
          2. MELIC – A device developed for voice, data & fax encryption designed to be plugged into any telephone line.
          3. GAUTAM – Message & file encryption unit for secure message communication from ship to shore.
          4. ABHEDYA – Bulk Encryption Unit that can support both framed and unframed modes of operation.
          5. IPCU – IP Encryption Unit accepts data from an Ethernet switch or router for secure data communication over Ethernet IP network.
          Electronic Fuzes for Artillery and Navy:

          The Electronic fuzes, manufactured by ECIL have stood the test of time for defect-free performance, quality and reliability. ECIL has built-up adequate capacity to meet country’s needs. Today, ECIL designs and supplies a wide variety of fuzes for Artillery and Naval Guns of different calibers like:

          1. Proximity Fuzes
          2. Variable Time Fuzes
          3. Point Detonation Fuzes

          The latest addition to this range is Universal Electronic fuzes which can be set in proximity, time & point detonation modes by Inductive Fuze setters for a wide range of Guns & Mortars of the armed forces.

          Precision Electro-mechanical components, Sensors & Inertial Navigation Systems

          ECIL manufactured Synchros, gyros, inertial sensor packages and electromechanical actuators support country’s aero-space and Defence programs. ECIL has dedicated facilities for design and manufacture of these Precision Electro-mechanical components and inertial navigation Systems.  Some of the systems supplied to the armed forces are:

          1. Indigenously developed size 23 Control & Torque Synchro compatible with NATO Synchros for L70 guns and modified to suit Russian Resolver for target designation of BMP-II.
          2. Rate Gyros for Gun Control of Vijayantha, T-72 and BMP-II and also for Remotely Piloted vehicle and PTA.
          3. Sensor package comprising a free gyro, two rate gyros and inclinometers for auto piloting underwater vehicles.
          4. Control Local Power (Joystick) – a precision Electro-mechanical sub-assembly for controlling azimuth & elevation of L-70 guns.
          5. Gyro stabilized Horizontal Rollbar system maintained with the aid of Vertical Gyros (ships main Gyro) to provide true horizon to pilots during night landing under adverse sea conditions.
          6. Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder with 4 channel 2 hour recording conforming to FAA TSO-c123
          7. Rotary type EM actuators for position control surfaces of dromes & parachutes
          8. Gimbal payload assembly for Electro Optic payloads in UAVs
          Instrumentation Systems for the Defence:

          Strong R & D capabilities back-up our robust and vibrant instrument development program. The instrumentation designed and developed by ECIL includes

          1. Ship Installed Radiac System - SIRS 4012 to monitor gamma radiation in and around the naval ships.
          2. The Expandable Bathy Thermograph System - RS10A has been designed to measure and display oceanic temperature as a function of depth.
          Over the years ECIL has matured in to a stable, durable and dependable partner to nation’s armed forces.  The capabilities include design & development, engineering, manufacturing, testing & qualification, installation & commissioning, maintenance and refurbishment services.  This is backed by a 5000 strong work force and a nation-wide network of marketing and service centers.

          ECIL is proud to be a strategic partner and a valuable contributor to the Great Indian Defence Forces in making India a strong and secure nation.

          The entire company has been involved in meeting the requirements of defence almost since its inception. The supplies to Defence touched a peak of 60% turnover during some  years. Even today, the lion’ s share of turnover goes to Defence.
          The dominant contribution of the Defence business propelled and fine-tuned the Strategic initiatives of the company in terms of R&D and Technology Management, Infrastructure creation, modernisation and augmentation , Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management. The infrastructure for supporting the entire life cycle of the projects meant for the Nuclear Sector is being totally modernized and expanded to with focus on end use requirements of Quality and Reliability, Safety, Information Security and Environmental compliance. Major initiatives with the support of BARC include creation of the following facilities, which are in their final stages of completion.
          1. EMI/EMC Centre of Excellence
          2. Compact Antenna test Facility
          3. PCB Facility with High Density Interconnection Technology 
          4. Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation Characterisation

          All the divisions of the Company are independently certified for their respective Quality Management Systems (QMS) as per ISO9001. The entire company is certified for its Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety as per OHSAS18001. The Calibration and Measurement Laboratory is Accredited as per ISO17025. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is under certification as per ISO27001.

          The following Divisions are dealing with Defence Projects:

          1. Communications Division (CND)
          2. Electronic Warfare Division (EWD)
          3. Special Products Division (SPD)
          4. Strategic Electronics Division (SED)
          5. Servo Systems Division (SSD)
          6. Antenna Products and Systems Division (AP&SD)
          7. Instruments and Systems Group (ISG)