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          Environment Management System  
          In recent times, environmental concern is increasing among Public as they are facing air pollution, traffic congestion, and land pollution due to dumping the waste (including electronic waste) in open lands without proper disposal.  This feeling is predominantly high at national and international level.   All environmental Scientists are alerting the nations from time to time by bringing awareness and cautioning the ecological imbalances in the world.  In this direction, all nations have responded in their own way.   As usual, Internal Organization for Standardization (ISO) also showed their concern by constituting a Technical Committee and assigned the responsibility of formulating a standard with a view to certifying the organizations against that standard.  This certification results in practical realization of prevention of pollution and conservation of energy.  To this effect, ISO brought out a standard on Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 in 1996.  Later on it was revised in the year 2004 which is in practice.
          Top Management felt that, even though pollution in electronic industry is at low level which will not affect anybody, the environmental management system should be implemented in ECIL to demonstrate to customers, suppliers, employees and Society that no pollution will be created by the very existence of the company through any act of theirs.  It was therefore decided in August, 2004 to implement the EMS in the company.  It was also concluded that one certificate should be obtained for the whole company covering all activities of all divisions.
          Since then, the environmental policy was declared and circulated to all divisions.  Director (Personnel) was assigned to look after the definition, preparation of all necessary documents and implementation.   Under his Chairmanship, a Management Review committee was formed with concerned heads of divisions as members and Shri Bhaskara Rao as Management Representative. 
          As a process of making necessary documents as per ISO 14001, EMS manual and essential documents as per the standard were drafted and finalized by our consultant from Centre for Electronics Testing and Engineering (CETE), Kamalanagar, Hyderabad`.  These documents were revised as per the latest ISO 14001: 2004 standard and issued to all divisional EMS coordinators for reference in the respective divisions.
          An awareness training programme on “Environmental Management System” was arranged at corporate level for all EMS Coordinators.  Later on, another programme was conducted to make EMS Coordinators aware of preparing EMS documents.   The finalized documents were issued to EMS coordinators for implementations in the divisions.  Internal auditors were trained for auditing the EMS.  First internal audit was conducted in June, 2005.  Simultaneously, an application form was sent to STQC directorate for EMS registration/certification in May, 2005. 
          We are committed to ensuring an eco-friendly environment by establishing, maintaining and continually improving an Environmental Management System with Specific emphasis on
          • Compliance with applicable Legislative and Regulatory Requirements  
          • Pollution Control and Waste Minimization.  
          • Conservation of Resources through Optimal Utilization
          • Promoting actionable awareness among all Employees, Customers and  Suppliers