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          Human Resources  
          ECIL was setup under the Department of Atomic Energy in the year 1967 with a view to generating a strong indigenous capability in the field of professional grade electronics. The present employee strength of the company is about 1663 (1272 officers and 391 workmen). The company, which started as a manufacturing company wedded to indigenisation and self-reliance had a majority of human resources deployed in manufacturing operations. The post-liberalization era posed a number of challenges to the company especially in the area of HR, Due to the right sizing and restructuring compelled by the market forces. With the help of Government of India, the company offered attractive Voluntary Retirement schemes to the employees which invited reasonable response. The company has also intiated a number of programmes to retrain and redeploy the existing manpower so as to ensure gainful employment and achievement of targets.
          Right from inception, ECIL has been a Technology-driven Company. Starting with supporting the Country's Atomic Energy Programme, the Company pioneered a number of technologies and introduced a number of products for the first time in the Country. In the formative years, ECIL was able to attract the best brain to facilitate the pursuit of its endeavors. Currently ECIL is engaging the manpower in the following categories:
          • Regular/ Contract Jobs (Online & Offline Mode)
          • Walk-ins (Offline Mode)
          • Technical Experts (Offline Mode)
          Technical Experts:

          The global village creators aftermath of liberalization, privatization and globalization attracted many well trained technologists and managers from the Company and as a result the reservoir of the competencies started depleting. Attrition has become global phenomena and the worst hit is the Electronics & IT field. Customer requirements are also changing dynamically and many of them, especially in the areas of Strategic Electronics, are expecting Total solutions. In a highly competitive market environment, with outsourcing as a business inevitability, every operation needs to hire the services of Experts in select areas. Today, atleast a multi-disciplinary organization like ECIL, it is very difficult, if not impossible to have the required expertise within the organization. The age of the organization and also the retirement profile also aggravates the situation.
          Therefore, top management of the Company decided to hire the services of experts in the areas of relevance to the Company, to supplement the efforts of the Project Teams in the Strategic Business Units and other service functions. The required expertise is sought in those areas, which are depleted due to superannuation and some specialized areas which are non-existent to required levels within Company and also essential. As a Policy, ECIL appoints experts in the following levels:
          • Senior Technical Experts
          • Technical Experts