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          The information computing world has witnessed three ages of evolution.
          The first age :  Mainframe Computing

          A computer system consist of 3 basic functions – presentation, which manages the way users interact with the system;  application, which supports the logic of what to do with the data and data management, which supports the storage of  information.

          The second age  : Client Server Computing

          New applications with graphics and user interfaces required decentralized processing at the user end.  Client Server computing distributed the work required to perform these functions among two or more computers.  A server is akin to the mainframe, in that it coordinates activities of all clients and handles communications, but the processing is done largely at each client’s end.

          The Third age  :  Network Centric Computing

          We are now moving to a environment where connectivity between computers and even other devices has pervaded computing.  The network was born out of the C/S concept – it is now possible to connect computers of different makes and yet enable them to work together.  The popularity of the largest network of them all, the Internet has established Network Centric computing as the next wave in computing.


          With a totally different scenario in the country in Information Technology, at present ECIL is focusing on applications in the following technologies :

          • 3-tier architecture
          • Web technologies
          • ERP
          • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
          • Network Security
          • e-Governance

          ECIL apart from its own internal R&D efforts has also been acquiring know-how from various R&D establishments and outsourcing R&D work to some of the academic institutions.


          Over the years, ECIL has been providing IT solutions to the sectors like Banking, LIC,  Agriculture,  Hospital Management,  Citizen Services, etc.