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          joint Venture  
          Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) entered into a collaboration with OSI Systems Inc. (www.osi-systems.com) and set up a Joint Venture "ECIL-RAPISCAN LIMITED". This Joint Venture manufacture the equipments manufactured by RAPISCAN, U.K and U.S.A with the same state of art Technology. Requisite Technology is supplied by RAPISCAN and the final product is manufactured at ECIL facility.
          ECIL-RAPISCAN have supplied many X-RAY BAGGAGE/CARGO INSPECTION SYSTEMS (XBIS) of this Technology to high profile Indian Customers like Customs, Airports Authority, Parliament House, Defence, Air lines, State Police etc.
          ECIL-RAPISCAN  exported XBIS to Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal, X-Ray generators to USA and Malaysia. ECIL-RAPISCAN  continue to receive large number of orders from existing as well as new customers. This is basically due to our strength in
          • Latest  International Technology
          • Quality Assurance
          • The exhaustive spares inventory to meet the spares requirement
          • Strong Manufacturing and After Sales Service set up in 10 different centers located all over India 
          About partners of ECIL-RAPISCAN
          Electronics Corporation of India.

          ECIL (www.ra-modena.com) is a Government of India Enterprise engaged in the manufacture of security systems including XBIS, Computers, Communication, Control Systems, Instruments, Components, Special Products, Defence Products etc.

          Rapiscan Security Products

          RAPISCAN Security Products, U.K. & U.S.A. (www.rapiscan.com) is a subsidiary of OSI Systems Inc., U.S.A. RAPISCAN is a leader in the Manufacture of latest state-of-the-art XBIS and other related products which are manufactured to International Standards and approved by the Aviation Authorities in U.S.A., U.K., and EUROPE. RAPISCAN  supplied thousands of XBIS to reputed Organizations such as HEATHROW AIRPORT, MANCHESTER AIRPORT, FOREIGN POST OFFICE U.K., HER MAJESTY'S PRISONS, BUCKINGHAM PALACE, and many other customers in U.S.A., EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH EAST ASIA etc. 


          For more details on ECIL-Rapiscan see www.ecilrapiscan.com