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          Vision, Mission & Objectives  
          To contribute to the country in acheving self reliance in strategic electronics.
          ECIL's mission is to consolidate its status as a valued national asset in the area of strategic electronics with specific focus on Atomic Energy, Defence, Security and such critical sectors of strategic national importance.
          • To continue services to the country's needs for the peaceful uses Atomic Energy. Special and Strategic requirements of Defence and Space, Electronics Security Systems and Support for Civil Aviation sector.
          • To establish newer technology products such as Container Scanning Systems and Explosive Detectors.
          • To explore new avenues of business and work for growth in strategic sectors in addition to working for realizing technological solutions for the benefit of society in areas like Agriculture, Education, Health, Power, Transportation, Food, Disaster Management etc.
          • To progressively improve shareholder value of the company.
          • To strengthen the technology base, enhance skill base and ensure succession planning in the company.
          • To re-engineer the company to become nationally and internationally competitive by paying particular attention to delivery, cost and quality in all its activities.
          • To consciously work for finding export markets for the company's products.