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          Electronics Corporation of India was created essentially to meet the Control & Instrumentation requirements of the Nuclear Power Programme of India by productionising the R&D efforts  in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). Right from its inception in 1967, it has been totally supporting all the plans, programmes and endeavours of the Department of Atomic Energy in the chosen areas of Electronics, Instrumentation, IT and Security. ECIL significantly facilitated India’s Nuclear Energy Programme to reach greater heights. Today the company is proud to claim that all the operating Nuclear Power Plants  in the country are supported by the Instrumentation and Control Systems engineered & manufactured by ECIL for the safe and reliable operation of the Reactors.  These offerings cover diverse Reactor technologies with the I & C footprints in the entire Nuclear Fuel Cycle, starting from Ore extraction to the Spent-fuel management It is a matter of pride  that the company made the country self-sufficient in this vital area of electronics, which is significant in the context of technology denials clamped on the nation from time to time. ECIL thus  contributed towards creating a strong and dependable indigenous Technology base in the Nuclear Power area.
          Products and Services:
          ECIL supplied hard wired relay logic systems for older power generating plants like those in Rajasthan and Tamilnadu. As newer technologies became available, ECIL graduated to supply partly computerised systems for plants at Narora and Kakrapara. ECIL provides Programmable Logic Controller and Computer based Control and Information systems for the newer power generating units at Tarapur, Kaiga and Rawatbhata, Rajasthan.

          ECIL manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment which include

          1. Control Room Panels
          2. Operator Information Systems
          3. Programmable Controllers
          4. Operator Training Simulators
          5. Dual Processor Hot Standby Systems (DPHS)
          6. Reactor Regulating Systems
          7. Electrical SCADA. 
          8. Nuclear Instrumentation Modules like HV and Spectroscopy Amplifier, Module Bins and Power Supplies
          9. Hand Held Survey and Contamination Monitors to detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma Radiation
          10. Spectroscopy Systems using HP Germanium and Scintillation Detectors coupled with Multi Channel Analyzer to perform an array of lab experiments
          11. PC based Whole Body Contamination Monitors
          12. For Home Land Security applications, ECIL has developed a variety of radiological security systems like
          13. Vehicle Monitoring System
          14. Limb Monitor and Portal Monitors
          15. Smart Radiation Monitors are under development to meet the needs of Reprocessing Plants and Nuclear Power Plants for integration into Plant environment.
          16. The corporation has drawn out plans to expand its operations in design, development, manufacturing and supply of highly advanced products. 
          17. Radiation Detectors like Boron Lined Counters, BF3 Counters, High Temperature Fission Counters and Ionization Chamber.
          Depth and Diversity:
          ECIL has extensive experience in PLC based Control Systems and SCADA and has been supplying sub-systems for Oil and Gas pipelines and power management for over 25 years.  In the nuclear area, ECIL has engineered and supplied PLC based Control System for Uranium Corporation of India Limited, Ore Processing Plant near Jamshedpur. 
          The Control System employs fault tolerant PLC and PC based SCADA, Human Machine Interface System with hard wired backup.  ECIL has also developed systems for Control and Monitoring Spent Fuel Reprocessing at BARC, Tarapur.
          This spectacular journey in the area of nuclear energy has always been marked with outstanding achievements and extraordinary accomplishments.  Making this possible, our Engineers and Scientists of ECIL, whose commitment and dedication have transformed the organisation in to a national asset.  ECIL geared up for the nuclear renaissance.
          In addition to in-house R&D activities, ECIL adopts the basic designs developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited and engineers them into products and systems for industrial use. Recently, the company signed a Strategic MoU with IGCAR (Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research) to meet the C&I requirements for Fast Reactors, Fuel Cycle Projects etc. and also for High Performance Computer Systems and Security. Technology Planning, Identification of Projects/Projects/Solutions, Funding and Project Monitoring happens through Technology Development Council (TDC), an institutional mechanism to promote actionable R&D and timely productionisation to support the ambitious programmes and expansion plans of the Department of Atomic Energy.
          In a way all the Strategic Business Units of ECIL are tuned to the varied requirements of country’s Nuclear Power Programme, right from components to complex systems. However, keeping in view the ambitious programmes of the Department of Atomic Energy, some Divisions are totally dedicated to the Nuclear sector. They include:
          1. Control and Automation Division (CAD) 
          2. Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation Division (RID)
          3. Control & Instrumentation Division (CnID)

          In addition to the above, the following Divisions offer select products and solutions in the areas of Simulators, Supervisory Control, Security, Encryption etc. They are:

          1. Antenna Products and Satcom Division (AP&SD)
          2. Control & Instrumentation Division (CnID)
          3. Instruments and Systems group (ISG)
          4. Telecommunication Division (TCD)
          5. Customer Support Division (CSD)
          6. Components Division (CD)
          Quality, Safety. Information Security and Environmental compliance

          The infrastructure for supporting the entire life cycle of the projects meant for the Nuclear Sector is being totally modernized and expanded to with focus on end use requirements of Quality and Reliability, Safety, Information Security and Environmental compliance. Major initiatives with the support of BARC include creation of the following facilities, which are in their final stages of completion.

          1. EMI/EMC Centre of Excellence
          2. Compact Antenna test Facility
          3. PCB Facility with High Density Interconnection Technology 
          4. Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation Characterisation
          All the divisions of the Company are independently certified for their respective Quality Management Systems (QMS) as per ISO9001. The entire company is certified for its Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety as per OHSAS18001. The Calibration and Measurement Laboratory is Accredited as per ISO17025. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is under certification as per ISO27001.

          The Safety Management System is covered by the regulatory framework of the atomic Energy Regulatory Board and is subject to periodic audits, surveillance and Management reviews.


          For more, click on the respective Division indicated above.