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          In addition to its primary focus on chosen areas of Strategic Electronics and IT, the Company took upon itself certain areas with a view to sub serve certain obligations of enterprises. Mostly, they are confined to the societal and rural sectors focusing on health care, education, agriculture and such related areas. The initiatives in these areas are generally promoted either through negotiations during MoU meetings, reviews by Secretary, DAE, interactions during visits by VVIPS and the organisation linkages with academic institutions and central / state level organistions. Most of them essentially come under the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Communications Division acts as an effective spokesman of ECIL to the outside world and project a good image of the organization. It will also provide information and feedback from the public such as Media, Customers, Government officials, general public to the Management. Standard Quality Assurance Group will provide state of the art and best in class services in the selected areas of Quality Management with due regard to customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, delivery and response. Corporate Business Development Group is a place of professional excellence in market development and a dependable companion of all Business Divisions as well as the Management to provide services in market-promotion & business development for all the products, projects and services across the Enterprise.