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          R & D Policy  

          R&D Policy 2012

          ECIL's R&D Policy is aimed at development of products, processes and technologies in pursuit of its vision to contribute to the country in achieving self-reliance in strategic electronics. The main elements of the policy are

          • To support national strategic programs by developing indigenous technologies thus gaining technology independence and overcoming technology denials
          • To foster creation of own IP through adequately funded in-house R&D
          • To enhance value addition, sharpen competitive edge, strengthen brand value and achieve industry leadership in technology
          • To assimilate technologies developed by national laboratories and institutes through active collaborations
          • To foster innovation and develop products so as to enhance quality of life, sustainable development, environmental friendliness, safety, security and reliability
          • To bridge technology gaps through technology transfers in selected areas with well laid-out plan for assimilation and absorption
          • To manage obsolescence and refurbishment requirements
          • To participate in national and international science projects
          • To create a vibrant and challenging R&D environment in the company which would foster excellence and attract best talent

          R&D Report

          Click here to view the R & D Report 2019 released on National Technology Day.