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          Safety Management System  
          • To clearly identify the safety needs at various processes
          • To inculcate safety awareness among all concerned through training and other means.
          • To ensure that the employees understand their safety related responsibilities and discharge them with utmost care in their day to day operations
          • To adhere to all the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements particularly including Atomic Energy (Factories) Rules, 1996.
          • To prevent loss of life, limbs or health of human and property and minimize waste to the organization, customers, suppliers, contract workers and the Society in general, due to inadequacies in Safety.
          • This Safety Policy will be reviewed once in three years or as and when required, which ever is earlier.
          • To set forth and maintain high standards for safety within the premises of the company  as well as its environment.
          The policy is implemented through a defined organization that spells out the responsibilities and authority at various levels to design, develop, establish, document, implement, monitor, maintain and continuously improve the safety system.
          (Chief Executive and  Members of all Corporate Management Committee)
          To ensure establishing  the Company’s Safety Policy and ensure realization of objectives of the Company through out the Organization to increase awareness, motivation and involvement among all concerned for effective implementation.
          • To ensure availability of required resources.
          • To ensure appointment of a Safety Officer, Radiological Safety Officer, Fire Officer, Welfare Officer and a Certified Surgeon and clearly defining the responsibility and authority under Atomic Energy (Factories) Rules, 1996.
          • To review periodically the adequacy and effectiveness of the Safety system adopted by the Company
          • To constitute a Corporate Safety Committee and also ensure the Constitution of Divisional  Safety Committees by the respective Divisions / Groups.
          • To ensure appointment of qualified Safety Officer, Welfare Officer, Certifying Surgeon and Fire Officer to comply with the AERB rules relating to Safety.
          • To ensure necessary facilities  and infrastructure, equipment and information to enable the statutory officers to discharge their duties effectively.
          • To provide Safety Uniform (cotton) / Footwear to all concerned eligible employees as per company norms and as per the recommendations of the Safety Officer by ensuring allocation of budget for procurement and distribution of the same in time.
          • To ensure functioning of the Fire Officer effectively as mentioned in the Safety Policy.
          • To advise and assist the Management in the fulfillment of its obligations, statutory or otherwise, concerning prevention of personal and maintaining a safe working environment. 
          • To advise the concerned departments in planning and organizing measures necessary for the effective control of personal injuries.
          • To advise on Safety aspects in all job studies, and to carryout detailed job safety studies of selected jobs.
          • To check and evaluate the effectiveness of the action taken or proposed to be taken to prevent personal injuries.
          • To ensure that all Personal Protective Equipment provided to workers as required under any of the provisions of the Act or the Rules conform to the relevant Indian Standards.
          • To provide advise on matters related to carrying out plant safety inspections.
          • To carry out plant safety inspections in order to observe the physical conditions or work and the work practices and procedures followed by workers and to render advise on measures to be adopted for removing the unsafe physical conditions and preventing unsafe actions by workers.
          • To render advise on matters related to reporting and investigation of industrial accidents and diseases.
          • To investigate the cases of industrial diseases contracted and reportable dangerous occurrences.
          • To advise on the maintenance of such records as are necessary relating to  accidents, dangerous occurrences and industrial diseases.
          • To promote setting up of safety committee and act as adviser and catalyst to such committees
          • To organize in association with the concerned departments, campaigns, competitions, contests and other activities which will develop and maintain the interest of the workers in establishing and maintaining safe conditions of work and procedures.
          • To design and conduct either independently or in collaboration with the training department, suitable training and educational programme for the prevention of personal injuries. 
          • To identify the gaps, if any, in effective implementation of the safety policy and guidelines given by the Management from time to time and advise the management suitably.
          • To formulate the Safety Manual of the Company.
          • To issue and control the Safety Manual in addition to other documents such as applicable safety standards, statutory and regulatory requirements, procedures, work instructions and any other guidelines issued by the Management from time to time.
          • To identify the training needs related to safety and organize the necessary training programs in association with Corporate Learning Centre.
          • To conduct such activities as competition, organizing the safety day celebrations etc., as decided by the Corporate Safety Committee to stimulate safety awareness through out the Organization.
          • To conduct and arrange safety audits to ensure that the safety practices are followed at all pertinent locations in line with requirements and that adequate policy awareness exists through out the organization.
          • To formulate necessary plans and present budgetary proposals for the safety activity in the company Co-terminus with the annual plans of the company.
          • To liaise with various outside agencies including AERB on issues related to safety.
          • To measure the effectiveness of Safety performances through suitable means and reporting the status to top management at regular intervals for necessary corrective, preventive and improvement actions.
          To ensure that the provisions made under Radiation Protecting Rules, 1971 and all directives of the Management given from time to time are strictly followed
          • To ensure preparedness to fight Fire by maintaining and up-keeping all Fire Fighting equipment properly.
          • By ensuring the placement of portable Fire Extinguishers at appropriate places.
          • By ensuring periodical testing / examination of the extinguishers in accordance with the guidelines given by the manufacturers.
          • To inspect and give a report to the Management, once in four months relating to the above mentioned preparedness to fight Fire.
          • By training sufficient number of Workmen in the divisions in Fire Fighting and conduct mock drills periodically.
          • To formulate the Fire Standing Order Manual of the Company and display the names of the Fire Squad of the respective Divisions 
          • A minimum of Two Fire Men shall be available in each shift exclusively to act upon appropriately before the Fire Tenders reach the Fire acciddent spot and also by checking that the Fire Fighting Equipment including Fire Hydrants are in proper conditions for use at any time in case of any emergency.
          • The Fireman shall bring the lapses / deficiencies / inadequacies of the Fire Fighting Equipment to the notice of the Fire Officer for replacement / repairs immediately.
          • To provide necessary medical assistance and guidance and support in case of any accident. 
          • To organize annual medical examination of employees working in notified hazardous areas and recommend steps for remedial measures to avoid occupational diseases.   All medical records of the employees will be preserved in the first aid centre and will be treated as Confidential Document but accessible to the respective / concerned employees.  The computerized data may, as an alternative measure, be maintained in course of time.
          • To report to concerned Personnel Department on injuries to employees.
          • To train adequate number of employees on First-aid for use and maintain of first – aid boxes.
          • To maintain Ambulance containing the life saving equipment to meet any emergency and to admit the patient in nearby hospital., after attending to the First Aid at the Medical centre in the company.
          (Head of the Group / Division and other Senior Executives of the Division)
          • To enforce all safety rules and regulations.
          • To maintain safe working conditions.
          • To maintain cleanliness and good housekeeping. 
          • To establish, document and implement all procedures and display necessary work instructions at appropriate locations.
          • To identify and provide, in consultation with the Safety Officer, safety gadgets / protective equipment to employees working in certain identified areas and to ensure that they are effectively used.
          • To ensure timely availability of Safety uniform (cotton) / Shoes by the Personnel Group, as per the norms of the Company to the eligible employees.
          • To identify and arrange necessary training needs in consultation with safety Officer and Corporate Learning Centre.
          • To ensure display of Fire Emergency numbers, names of the Divisional Fire Squad.  With the help  of Fire Officer and also to ensure Maintenance / Replenishment of First Aid Boxes and its contents as notified by the Management with the help of CMO.
          • To liaise with Safety Officer and Corporate Safety Committee in  all matters relating to Safety, Health and Fire.
          • To act as a member secretary and organize Monthly Divisional Safety Committee meeting and follow up actions on the decision taken therein.
          • To implement all safety related procedures as a part of routine processes of the Shop/Section.  To ensure that the new persons, including apprentices are inducted into a job only after providing necessary training and establishing their suitability for the Job.
          • To provide & maintain first aid facilities and to the shop / section and are effectively and properly utilized.
          • To dissuade employees from actions that may attract rodents and snakes into the places of work (like eating in the places of work etc.,)
          • To encourage suggestions from employees in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment
          • To report accidents, if any, in time to all concerned as defined from time to time..
          • To display the names and telephone numbers of concerned persons at all prominent places inside the building.
          • No job shall be considered efficiently  completed unless the workman  himself has followed every precaution and safety rules to protect himself and his fellow workman from bodily injury throughout the operation
          • Workman should report to his supervisor and seek first aid for all injuries, however minor they may be
          • To report Unsafe conditions, equipment or practices to the supervisor concerned as soon as possible when noticed.
          • To read and abide by the company safety policy and observe all safety rules laid down by the Management from time to time.
          • To wear protective uniform, footwear and personal protective equipment which are expected to be used while on duty.
          • Corporate Safety Committee (CSC) represents a broad-based participative forum to take stock of the situation on safety front and to explore avenues for continuously improving the systems procedures and practices.  The CSC consists of the Divisional Safety Co-Ordinators and also the representatives nominated by the recognized Union and Officers Association. 
          • The Chairman of the Corporate Safety Committee is nominated by the Chairman & Managing Director.  Safety Officer is the Member-Secretary of the Corporate Safety Committee.  The Committee meetings are scheduled based on exigencies or upon request / Suggestion by any member and after obtaining the approval of the Chairman of the Committee or at least once in three months.
          • To assist and cooperate with the Management in the effective dissemination and implementation of the Safety Policy and objectives by conducting periodical Safety Committee meetings as defined above.
          • To promote safety awareness among employees by organizing accident prevention programmes, campaigns and meets, including programmes like Safety Day Celebrations and competitions to employees.
          • To up hold the Safety image of the Company.
          • The Divisional Safety Committee shall be constituted by the respective Divisions / Groups and the Divisional Head shall be the Chairman of the Committee.  The Divisional Safety Co-ordinator who will act as a Member Secretary of the Committee and shall be nominated by the Divisional Head.  The Divisional Safety Committee shall consist of two representatives of Officers besides the in-charges of the respective Shop floors.  The tenure of the representatives of the workmen and officers will be co-terminus with the tenure of Office of the recognised Union & Officers Association.  The total strength of the Divisional Safety Committee should not exceed Ten (10).
          • The Divisional Safety Committee will meet once in a month to discuss and analyze the Safety performance of the division concerned and set a goal for the next month.
          • To assist and cooperate with the Divisional Management in the effective dissemination and implementation of the Safety Policy and objectives by conducting periodical Safety Committee meetings as defined above.
          • To invite suggestions from employees and discuss them in the monthly meetings and take appropriate action.  The suggestions and the actions taken thereon shall be put on the Notice Board for the general information of the employees.
          • To up hold the Safety image of the respective Group / Division.
          • To ensure good house-keeping in the premises of the company and it’s surrounding area.
          • To ensure that the Contractors to whom some of the upkeep and maintenance activities are subcontracted, comply with the requirements of cleanliness and  good housekeeping.
          • To ensure necessary steps for the safety of Contract Labour as per the relevant provisions of Atomic Energy (Factories) Rules, 1996.
          • To oversee maintenance of the  TLV (Threshold Limit Values) of all hazardous toxic Chemicals and metals before discharging them into the environment. 
          • To advise the Divisions/Sections concerned and oversee the Treatment of industrial effluents before discharging from various production shops.
          • To monitor and take suitable remedial measures for other factors of environmental degradation.
          • In case of Fire, the two Firemen of the concerned shift along with the Fire Officer and with the identified Fire squad of the respective Group / Division will initiate the Fire Fighting till the Fire tender arrive.
          • Besides the above action the CISF will also play an important role in respect of Fire Fighting and their responsibilities are as follows :
          • To inform Fire Services immediately.
          • To alert all guards to be more vigilant and ensure protection of the plant, Stores etc.,
          • To close the gate for normal traffic and allow only senior officer and members of the Essential Services like Security, Fire and Ambulance etc., to enter or leave the premises. 
          • To keep the gates and approach roads clear so that Essential services, vehicles and staff can be admitted without delay.
          • To immediately and properly guide all the outside Fire Brigades, Ambulance services etc., to the scene of Fire.  The outer gate to be kept informed of the place of accident.
          • To stop the unauthorized movements of persons and vehicles in the effected area.
          • Shall not allow any visitor or outside vehicles inside the plant.
          • Shall not delay the movement of ambulance/patients being evacuated.
          • Shall not communicate with any press person or give information to any outsiders.
          • Shall be present in control room and should always be in constant touch with the CISF authorities as well as plant officials.
          • To keep proper and exact record of all movements through the gate and any other message received or passed.
          • To keep the telephones  at the gates free and properly attended for reception and transmission of urgent messages.
          • To immediately send striking reserve to the site of accident and also mobilize sufficient CISF Personnel to Fire spot for assisting the fire fighting and cordoning the area.
          • Inform first aid centre of the place of accident to send the ambulance.
          • In addition to the above to give all necessary assistance to fire staff in using fire hydrants/fire tenders.
          • To inform GM (HR) on phone at his residence who will inform concerned HOD, D(T) and rush to the factory.
          • If  GM (HR) is not available, inform D(T) directly on phone.
          • To inform Asst. Commandant, Dy. Commandant and Sr. Commandant of CISF so that they can arrive on scene immediately.