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          In the present world, security became a prime issue for the safety of life and property.  Keeping in view the importance and business potential in this sector,  ECIL has designed a variety of equipment to be used in for security.  Also ECIL has designed and integrated Security Systems, which include :
          1. X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems
          2. Container Scan Systems
          3. Closed Circuit Television Systems
          4. Fire Alarm Systems
          5. Access Control Systems
          6. Latent Finger Print Finder
          7. Finger Print Matching Software
          8. Signature Scanning and Verification Systems

          ECIL has installed variety of security equipment at various VVIP locations like Parliament House, PM’s Office and PM’s Residence and important institutions / establishments like Units of DAE and  Defence establishments.


          Recently the Governtment of India assigned the Prestigeous and Challing task of Providing integrated security solutions for the Common Wealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi.